Bout time!

This past month has been a pretty big month for me. I turned 40, did a showing of my artwork and played in my first bout. My own age has never mattered much to me, I still act like I am 13 half the time. Having an art show was cool but really stressful. My first bout was an amazing experience. I was a bit nervous when we first arrived at the venue. All that was going through my head was "I hope I don't f- this up too bad" but that subsided when I convinced myself that I could always use the excuse of it being my first bout. Also hanging out with the team, laughing and joking around helped to ease my mind.

Our entire first half was a whirlwind that all kind of blurred together. There were some big hits, points were scored and some guys in stripes kept blowing whistles and pointing. At the half I finally looked at the score. We were losing and by quite a bit and our opponent was running away with it. As the second half started I could tell that our team was bringing it together. Our packs ran smoothly, we were laughing on the bench having fun and outscoring our opponents on the track. More big hits, points were scored and pointy whistle blowing occurred.

We lost my first bout. Thing of it is, I did not feel like we lost. I watched my teammates do amazing things on the track, work together as coherent units, have fun and keep a positive attitude. To me that is not losing. What winning really is about is what I saw out of my team. It does not really matter what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, what matters is seeing your team preform well while projecting a positive gentlemanly (or womanly) attitude. I can not thank my team enough for providing me with such an amazing first bout.

RD-3gp The Gooch