Carolina Wins Rematch With Gents in Gastonia

by Thelonius Funk The second meeting in a month between the Carolina Wreckingballs and the Atlanta ResurGents started similarly to the first, with the men in orange taking command of the bout early. The first jam saw strong defense from both teams, with a whole lap passing before the Wreckingballs' Kenbo Slice earned the first lead jammer of the evening. The decision not to call the jam after scoring 4 points paid off, with the Gents' Skatezula taking the star to the box for a forearm while Kenbo put up 19 before going to the box himself for track cut. However the Gents were unable to capitalize as Quad Van Jam got lead for Atlanta but was called for blocking with the head on his first scoring pass, and the Balls were able to grab another 20 points. They continued to stretch their lead as Atlanta repeatedly filled their penalty box, which included back to back track cuts on Gents’ jammer Quad Van Jam.

Atlanta's first points of the night came in the tenth jam of the evening, with Skatezula happily giving 4 to Carolina while picking up 8 for Atlanta, bringing the score to 90-8.

The Gents squandered their next opportunity to narrow the gap in jam twelve, with Hung Fu taking lead but calling it off after one scoring pass while the Wreckingballs Loobinator had yet to complete his initial pass. A track cut on the Balls’ L8R SK8R in the next jam allowed the Gents to pick up 10 before Quad Van Jam was sent back to the box for a back block, bringing the score to 106 - 23 in favor of Carolina.

Strong defense from the Balls and another track cut on Quad Van Jam kept Atlanta scoreless over the next three jams while Kenbo Slice, Trifecta, and Hawaiian Donkey Punch each managed three scoring passes before being forced to call the jam. Carolina’s Old Dirty Packer also managed three scoring passes in jam seventeen, but also earned a cut track while trying to call off the jam which allowed Quad Van Jam to pick up 5 quick points. The final jam of the first half saw the Gents' Josh Strap earn lead, only to earn himself a trip to the box for a track cut on his second scoring pass. The score stood at 161 - 38 in favor of the Wreckingballs during the break.

The first jam of the second half saw the Gents' Skatezula take lead and 2 quick points. In the second jam, Kenbo Slice took lead for the Balls, but he was boxed on a track cut which allowed Atlanta's Hung Fu to put up 14 points to Carolina's 10. A jammer rodeo in jam four favored the Wreckingballs to the tune of 15 points to Atlanta's 10, with Old Dirty Packer and Whiplash earning the Balls another 20 in the next two jams. The following jam saw some smart clock management when Carolina jammer Kenbo Slice knocked Atlanta jammer Josh Strap to the outside, and recycled him all the way back into the front of the pack behind the Carolina blockers. However Kenbo mistakenly called the jam after leaping over the apex past the Gents' wall on his initial pass, earning no points for his efforts. The next jam saw another huge jammer recycle by the Wreckingballs Whiplash, but he was boxed for a forearm during his initial pass and was awarded an additional minute on the way. However the Gents’ power jam was short lived as a track cut was called on Atlanta's Holy Roller thanks to some fine partner blocking by Carolia’s Kickin Gordon Bleu and Old Dirty Packer.

Following an officials time out to sort out the previous jam, Skatezula put up 18 unopposed points against a very short Wreckingballs pack. After both teams stole 4 points while the other team had lead, a track cut on Atlanta jammer Jazzy allowed Kenbo Slice to put up 25 points on a depleted Atlanta pack. Two of the next three jams went to Carolina 17-2, but a nice defensive play by Jazzy forced a track cut and subsequent foul out of the Balls jammer Whiplash which allowed the Gents to eclipse the 100 point mark with about 4 minutes left in the bout. Another power jam for Carolina yielded a 14-4 advantage in jams seventeen and eighteen, but a 2 minute penalty on the Balls’ Trifecta allowed the Quad Van Jam and Hung Fu to put up another 20 unanswered points for the Gents in the last two jams. When the final whistles blew, the score stood at 269 – 140 in favor of the Wreckingballs.

MVP blockers were L8R SK8R for the Balls and Hurtin’ Temples for the Gents, and MVP jammers were Kenbo Slice for Carolina and Skatezula for Atlanta.

Atlanta Mens Roller Derby Drops Two in Greenville

amrd-vs-greenville1 A new era began in Greenville, SC this past weekend as Atlanta Men's Roller Derby as the Resurgents competed in their first two bouts as a team.

Atlanta showed enthusiasm, resilience and dexterity by competing in two bouts on their first competitive day.

The team, lead by captain Rollermonkey and and co-captains Jazzy and Skatezula dropped both hard-fought bouts to the Greenville Atom Bombs and Harm City Homicide 303-127 and 303-139, but the team showed tenacity and grit in the two bouts.

Atlanta returns to the track Sunday October 20 in Augusta as they take on the Carolina Wreckingballs.