It's Official. AMRD Is Officially Official

On August 19th, 2012, a WFTDA referee from the Atlanta Rollergirls had a crazy idea to take to the track as a player, and see if there were any other men who were interested in joining him. He made a few calls, made a Facebook page (thereby making it “Facebook official”), and hosted the first ever practice for what would become Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby. And that’s where it all began. That’s the first chapter in the story of the ResurGents. There have been several other, equally important chapters in our story, but that was the one that started it all off. 1 I bring this up because I think it sets the correct tone for the announcement I get the privilege of making here today. To truly grasp where you are, it helps to know where you’ve come from. From that first year with half a dozen referees, to the next 5, building and growing this community of men who put in the time, effort, and love that it takes to be a truly successful organization. From our first scrimmage, to our first game, to our first road trip. The journey has been fun, exciting, and, at times, hard. But, each and every one of these experiences has led us to this moment.

Today, I have the great honor of announcing that the Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby ResurGents have officially been accepted into the Men’s Roller Derby Association, the official worldwide governing body of sanctioned men’s flat track roller derby gameplay, as voted on by all current MRDA member leagues.

Click here for MRDA's official announcement.

The current group of men we have, as well as all of those who have come before us, should be proud of all of the hard work and dedication they have put into this league, both on and off the track. From day one, our founder, Jazzy (Formerly DJ Jazzy Ref), has made sure that we remain true to the character of our namesake. We are not just men who get to participate in this incredible sport. We are not just representing this city we love so much with our ode to our Resurgence state seal. But also strive to be true Gentlemen, and represent Atlanta as best we can.

We are honored and excited to get to continue this tradition on a larger stage, and will work hard to make not only Atlanta, but all of MRDA proud in the many years to come.

One Team, One Wall.

- Pittsy -

Superhero Day

ResurGents rookie, and newly elected AMRD Vice President, Fancy Pants Von Glittertush, had an opportunity to to represent some local superheroes today, and decided to do a write up about it...



Last week I was told by an email from my offices HR department that today would be Superhero Day. We were told there would be treats and prizes. We were also told that fun superhero shirts were encouraged. While we don’t really have a dress code in my office so I usually just go in jeans and a t-shirt I still felt a kind of excitement. “Ooooooh what am I going to wear?” So I went home and went into my shirt drawer. I had a small moment of panic as it started to settle on me. I don’t own a superhero shirt. Now bear in mind I am a huge nerd. I have geek shirts and snarky shirts and workout shirts but no superhero shirts.

Then I asked myself “what do I consider a superhero?”

Then it hit me like a jammer seeing my exposed front. I had Derby Shirts.

I can think of no better example of superheroes than the people who inspired me to take up this sport.

And I do look at them as superheroes. I am a massive fanboy. Anytime one of those skaters talks to me at a practice, or a game, or hell in public. I have this profound moment of “ Did that just happen? Can this person who I look up to, who I aspire to be like just call me by name?” As I have come to know them my admiration hasn’t fallen but getting to know them as teammates coaches competitors and Friends has changed my life.

The great reality is that they are just people, but they pursue their passion. They have inspired me to pursue mine. They hit hard and skate fast. They smile as they endure through jams. They love each other and make newcomers feel welcome (myself included).

So today in my office I sit wearing the first of several shirts I will be wearing today. I couldn’t choose just one team to represent. So I’m changing every hour to make sure I share the love.

To the skaters who inspire me, to the skaters who help me, and to the skaters who play against me. Thanks for being my Superheroes.

- Tusheh

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Hurricane ResurGents Rolls Into Ft. Walton!

It's bout week! It's bout-eve! It's the day before your Atlanta Men's Roller Derby ResurGents take on the New Orleans Brass in Ft. Walton Beach, FL! In honor of the Purple Rain covering North Florida this weekend, one of our newest 'Gents, Mosh Bit, gives us some of his thoughts on jamming in his very first bout (August 20th vs. Brigade of Handsome Gentlemen):

It’s simple right? You put a star on your helmet and go around the other team, no problem. OK, well, slight problem. Turns out the other team really, REALLY doesn’t want you to get past them.

I’m standing at the jammer line, giving the other team a stare down that would shake the toughest of tough. The whistle blew and I bolted into the other team. Then, equally quick, I was tossed out of the ring. Got up, got in, got tossed back out. This happened for what felt like hours, though maybe only 30 seconds had passed by. My team saw my trouble and offered some offence. They’ed lead me through the enemy wall and get me through! Then, just as I thought I had made it, someone down the line was waiting for my inexperienced self and swiftly knocked me out. This time when I got back in, I could hear my couch yelling, “Go through the middle!”

I was intentionally going on the inside and outside to avoid conflict with the blockers, but figured I had nothing to lose. I ran into them full force and actually made some headway! I got knocked down, though it was much more effective. I lined back up and tried it again… and I was through! No idea how much time has passed or if I was the lead jammer, I sprinted around the track. I meet back up with the other team and got pass a few of them and pushed out of bounds. Seconds after I stood up the whistle blew. What a rush.

Brass Bout Poster

If you're in the Florida panhandle this weekend, come on by and see your ResurGents take on the New Orleans Brass in Ft. Walton. Details can be found here!

Five Seconds! Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby – A Love Story: Part 34543.

This week, we bring you a blog post by our recently rostered Manila Ice on his experiences in his first bout as a Gent.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Inhale 4, 3, 2, 1. Hold for 2. Exhale 3, 2, 1. Hold for 2.

Inhale again 4, 3, 2, 1. Hold for 2. Exhale…

If we haven’t FORMALLY met, as of 8/20/2016, I am Manila Ice - roller derby player with the Atlanta ResurGents.

As long as I can recall, I have been reconciling my independent thinking with collectivism. Erroneous or not, I attribute it to Filipino values colliding with American ones. These values will never completely coalesce, yet I do count it as a symbolically epic win that my #818 now gloriously contrasts AND complements the sea of purple and gold skaters with which it resides.

Pretty esoteric shit, right?!

Now to a succinct statement: when Pity Party asked me to blog on Saturday’s experience, all I remember is that I needed to establish a breathing pattern.

Inhale for 4. Hold for 2. Exhale for 3. Hold for 2.

Everything else seems strung out between Zen-like flow and fight-or-flight.

Prior to the bout, I couldn’t sleep. The day of, I broke into cold sweats driving to the venue. I was terrified to skate warm-ups that day and could feel the weakness in my legs. I thought I might have a crippling panic attack. I couldn’t wait for this to be over.

Yet a small moment of randomness brought me a little clarity and, in turn, some repose.

Immediately before the first whistle, our captain Jazzy received a well-deserved acknowledgement for starting the ‘Gents four years ago. The first jam I skated on, I had the three slot and he had the safety. The founder of AMRD literally “had my back”. I trust Jazzy completely and with it, his belief in me. All I had to do was breathe and NOT be something that I know I am not.

Things get REALLY vague after that. Am I the only person that has trouble recalling their first bout?

I remember the first person that hit me was Flip from the Brigade of Handsome Gentlemen. Couldn’t have come from a nicer human. We discussed dissertations afterwards.

I remember the feeling of hearing another founding member ManChild telling our wall to brace for a huge hitter as a BHG jammer was coming around turn three.

I remember my coach Gooch smiling.

Most importantly I remember the sheer ecstasy of seeing my fellow dirt bird and good friend, Mosh Bit, score on his first jam. As he established lead jam with seconds left on the clock, I felt the pent up emotions of fear and frustration leaving. Seeing his jam gave me the feeling of freedom and self-transcendence.

To get to the privilege of merely skating in a ‘Gents bout, I had to do a few things. To name a few - tame some gremlins; unleash a few tigers; practice some epic resiliency; be more grateful; be MOST respectful - to myself, my teammates, my opponents. To get to get to the next level, I’ll need to do more of this…and a few other responsibilities, namely, I have to own that I am no longer a dirt bird.

Once you go ‘Gent you never go back.

And because of this whole derby thing, I feel it bleeding into everyday life.

Maybe this Manila Ice character is less of a forged persona and more a heroic character that I needed help me distinguish the difference between platonic shadows and the genuine?

Because, in my opinion, shedding myself of former and allowing the latter leads to this whole self-transcendence stuff which leads to ultimate freedom.

I’m not sure how long I’ll continue. The hits are REALLY unforgiving. But I do know that while I was happy my first bout was over, I can’t say that I was relieved about it either.

So I guess I’ll just have to ride that wave in a sea of purple and gold…and never forget to breathe.

Exhale 4, 3, 2, 1.

Endurance practice tonight.

Dedicated to the Atlanta Roller Girls, Peach State Roller Derby, Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby and my ever-extending family members.

Stop, Hey, What's That Sound? Brigade of Handsome Gentlemen Are Coming To Town!

OH MY GAWD IT'S BOUT WEEEEEEEEEEK! Have you wondered what it looks like when a bunch of Gentlemen get together and put on skates? It looks like BROLLER DERBY! Come out to Shriner's this Saturday to see your Atlanta Men's Roller Derby ResurGents take on the Southern Illinois Brigade of Handsome Gentlemen. There will be laughs! There will be tears! THERE WILL BE BLOOD (probably mine)! Yaarab Shrine Center 400 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308

Doors open at 1pm, first whistle at 2pm. Subsequent whistles/cheers at your discretion when you fall in love with the hard hitting action.