Derby begets more derby

It's hard to believe in recent history there was a pervasive fear that men's derby would overtake women's derby, such that early men’s leagues had trouble garnering much support.  That perspective changes as more people realize that derby begets more derby.  We are going to advance the sport together.

The Atlanta ResurGents began with several officials from The Atlanta Rollergirls and interested locals.  This relationship has been symbiotic for both leagues.  The ResurGents have several skaters that are sharing a joint interest with their significant other.  The Atlanta Rollergirls in turn have gotten new officials and new volunteers from The ResurGents.  We sublease practice space, but allow insured skaters from other leagues to share our time.  New ResurGents get access to ARG endurance practices on Tuesdays.  Soon we hope to share our basic skills practice on Sundays.  

The ResurGents practices are best when we share the track and learn from the Marietta Derby Darlins, the Classic City Rollergirls, and the Atlanta Rollergirls.  The feedback we get most often is how much the subtle differences in game play force visiting skaters to learn new skills.  Skaters that push walls will have to use their agility more.  Skaters that dance around the track find less space and become more creative.  Skaters learn new offensive techniques to help their jammers get out of a bind.  Skaters adapt to new ways to defend against the other team's offense.  Every practice, everyone leaves the track learning something new and getting valuable feedback. 

At the international level, WFTDA and MRDA have partnered to share resources.  A common rule set creates a larger community of officials.  Partnering together for insurance keeps premiums low and derby accessible for everyone.  More co-ed tournaments makes the cost of travel accessible to more leagues.  Playing three games in a weekend would otherwise be impossible for many leagues. 

The ResurgeGent are gents.  It is a culture that we cultivate. Derby has been revolutionary because of the amazing women that have built the community.  It is the reason the sport has caught on once again. We have a great working relationship with our local women's leagues because we have respect for what they do on and off the track.  I hope that is the way it is everywhere.  If it is not, then what is holding your league back? 

Patches O’Blood President Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby