Hang Out with the 'Gents

Hello party people, Sakemon here! I'm helping out with the blog for a little while and I'd like to tell you about an awesomely fun time coming up this Friday.  It's been a while since the 'Gents have made themselves available to schmooze and spread the derby gospel in a bar setting, and we'd like to correct that by trying out a new spot. Friday, June 26th, your Atlanta Resurgents will belly up to the Benchwarmer's bar at 2775 Clairmont Road.  This is YOUR CHANCE to find out everything you want to know about getting on skates, strapping on pads, and hitting someone so hard that they have to switch from drinking beer from a glass to drinking beer through a straw.  Whether you want to talk about derby, are interested in learning to skate, or you just want to have a drink with your favorite men's roller derby team from the city of Atlanta, we encourage you to come out and say hello. We'll be drinking, we'll be chatty, we'll be fun.  We promise!  Just look for the group of dudes (and supportive dudettes) wearing purple AMRD shirts.

In addition to men in purple shirts talking about roller derby, you can also use Benchwarmer's many televisions as an excuse to check out either the Atlanta Braves taking on the Pittsburg Pirates @ 7:05pm (wear your Sid Bream shirt!) or the US Soccer Women's National Team (hopefully) crushing China in the 2015 Women's World Cup round of 8 @ 7:30pm.  Pho Shizzle will be cheering on his home country, but we love him anyway.  7pm sharp-ish-or-not-quite.