Hurricane ResurGents Rolls Into Ft. Walton!

It's bout week! It's bout-eve! It's the day before your Atlanta Men's Roller Derby ResurGents take on the New Orleans Brass in Ft. Walton Beach, FL! In honor of the Purple Rain covering North Florida this weekend, one of our newest 'Gents, Mosh Bit, gives us some of his thoughts on jamming in his very first bout (August 20th vs. Brigade of Handsome Gentlemen):

It’s simple right? You put a star on your helmet and go around the other team, no problem. OK, well, slight problem. Turns out the other team really, REALLY doesn’t want you to get past them.

I’m standing at the jammer line, giving the other team a stare down that would shake the toughest of tough. The whistle blew and I bolted into the other team. Then, equally quick, I was tossed out of the ring. Got up, got in, got tossed back out. This happened for what felt like hours, though maybe only 30 seconds had passed by. My team saw my trouble and offered some offence. They’ed lead me through the enemy wall and get me through! Then, just as I thought I had made it, someone down the line was waiting for my inexperienced self and swiftly knocked me out. This time when I got back in, I could hear my couch yelling, “Go through the middle!”

I was intentionally going on the inside and outside to avoid conflict with the blockers, but figured I had nothing to lose. I ran into them full force and actually made some headway! I got knocked down, though it was much more effective. I lined back up and tried it again… and I was through! No idea how much time has passed or if I was the lead jammer, I sprinted around the track. I meet back up with the other team and got pass a few of them and pushed out of bounds. Seconds after I stood up the whistle blew. What a rush.

Brass Bout Poster

If you're in the Florida panhandle this weekend, come on by and see your ResurGents take on the New Orleans Brass in Ft. Walton. Details can be found here!