It's Official. AMRD Is Officially Official

On August 19th, 2012, a WFTDA referee from the Atlanta Rollergirls had a crazy idea to take to the track as a player, and see if there were any other men who were interested in joining him. He made a few calls, made a Facebook page (thereby making it “Facebook official”), and hosted the first ever practice for what would become Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby. And that’s where it all began. That’s the first chapter in the story of the ResurGents. There have been several other, equally important chapters in our story, but that was the one that started it all off. 1 I bring this up because I think it sets the correct tone for the announcement I get the privilege of making here today. To truly grasp where you are, it helps to know where you’ve come from. From that first year with half a dozen referees, to the next 5, building and growing this community of men who put in the time, effort, and love that it takes to be a truly successful organization. From our first scrimmage, to our first game, to our first road trip. The journey has been fun, exciting, and, at times, hard. But, each and every one of these experiences has led us to this moment.

Today, I have the great honor of announcing that the Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby ResurGents have officially been accepted into the Men’s Roller Derby Association, the official worldwide governing body of sanctioned men’s flat track roller derby gameplay, as voted on by all current MRDA member leagues.

Click here for MRDA's official announcement.

The current group of men we have, as well as all of those who have come before us, should be proud of all of the hard work and dedication they have put into this league, both on and off the track. From day one, our founder, Jazzy (Formerly DJ Jazzy Ref), has made sure that we remain true to the character of our namesake. We are not just men who get to participate in this incredible sport. We are not just representing this city we love so much with our ode to our Resurgence state seal. But also strive to be true Gentlemen, and represent Atlanta as best we can.

We are honored and excited to get to continue this tradition on a larger stage, and will work hard to make not only Atlanta, but all of MRDA proud in the many years to come.

One Team, One Wall.

- Pittsy -