Superhero Day

ResurGents rookie, and newly elected AMRD Vice President, Fancy Pants Von Glittertush, had an opportunity to to represent some local superheroes today, and decided to do a write up about it...



Last week I was told by an email from my offices HR department that today would be Superhero Day. We were told there would be treats and prizes. We were also told that fun superhero shirts were encouraged. While we don’t really have a dress code in my office so I usually just go in jeans and a t-shirt I still felt a kind of excitement. “Ooooooh what am I going to wear?” So I went home and went into my shirt drawer. I had a small moment of panic as it started to settle on me. I don’t own a superhero shirt. Now bear in mind I am a huge nerd. I have geek shirts and snarky shirts and workout shirts but no superhero shirts.

Then I asked myself “what do I consider a superhero?”

Then it hit me like a jammer seeing my exposed front. I had Derby Shirts.

I can think of no better example of superheroes than the people who inspired me to take up this sport.

And I do look at them as superheroes. I am a massive fanboy. Anytime one of those skaters talks to me at a practice, or a game, or hell in public. I have this profound moment of “ Did that just happen? Can this person who I look up to, who I aspire to be like just call me by name?” As I have come to know them my admiration hasn’t fallen but getting to know them as teammates coaches competitors and Friends has changed my life.

The great reality is that they are just people, but they pursue their passion. They have inspired me to pursue mine. They hit hard and skate fast. They smile as they endure through jams. They love each other and make newcomers feel welcome (myself included).

So today in my office I sit wearing the first of several shirts I will be wearing today. I couldn’t choose just one team to represent. So I’m changing every hour to make sure I share the love.

To the skaters who inspire me, to the skaters who help me, and to the skaters who play against me. Thanks for being my Superheroes.

- Tusheh

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