Want in?


Who are we?
Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby (AMRD) is a men’s flat track derby league based in Atlanta, GA. We were originally founded in August 2012 by a group of male officials from the surrounding area who wanted to get together to practice hitting and improve skating skills. We have grown into league with plans to compete regionally with surrounding men’s leagues. We now have a roster over 16 people.

Is AMRD its own independent entity/league?
Yes, AMRD is its own separate league and business. We have our own board and LLC.  We have nonprofit status and function as a 501c3.  We relish working with surrounding leagues to help promote flat track roller derby and to foster better training.

Where and when does AMRD practice?
AMRD Practices are held at the Atlanta Roller Girls’ practice facility Sunday nights from 6-8pm.

Are AMRD practices open to all male skaters?
Interested men are welcome to come to any AMRD practice. We are actively recruiting male skaters to help grow our league. All skill sets are welcome. Newer skaters are encouraged to come work into drills as they feel comfortable. Safety is always a priority and skaters are required to wear full safety gear at all times. Contact recruitment@atlantamensrollerderby.com for more information.

Think you live too far to join the team?
We have skaters coming in from the following areas that you might be able to carpool with (drop us a line and we’ll get you in-touch with skaters close to you):

  • Athens
  • Downtown
  • Decatur
  • Gwinnett
  • Marietta
  • Stone Mountain
  • Macon
  • Birmingham

How much are dues?
Practices are $10 each for non-members and members pay $30 per month.

Can women attend AMRD practices?
AMRD has been lucky enough to receive guest skaters from surrounding women’s leagues who participate with us and provide valuable feedback as we grow our skills. We welcome skaters who wish to come help with the training and development of our league. Please speak to Jazzy djjazzyreff@gmail.com if you are interested.

Who handles AMRD’s training?
Our core group of volunteer trainers are from the Atlanta Rollergirls and consist of: The Ruffian and Rosie Derivater. The Ruffian also serves as our bout day coach.