Height: 5'10"   Weight: 215 lbs

Hometown: Yonkers, NY

Prior Athletic Background: Professional typist, my fingers are lean and mean coding machines. The rest of me is pretty bad.

How Did You Get Into Derby: Mosh Bit joined and kept inviting me out, finally got me to go to a derby match and I got hooked.

Highlight of Your Career: Getting up on skates and being able to maneuver a bit for the first time. Everyday is a highlight when you're new.

Your Favorite Piece of Gear: Knee Pads! Since finding out crushing your tail bone is a horrible idea, I've made it a point to slam on those knees every chance I get

Hobbies: Comics, Toys, Anything I can collect and display

Most Embarrassing Derby Moment: None yet, but I'm sure one is on the way.

Derby Goals: Not die.