Height: 5' 9"   Weight: 250

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FLA

Prior Athletic Background: Skateboarding, Inline skating, Boxing, Rugby

How Did You Get Into Derby: My daughter joined the local junior league. Through that, I met several Atlanta Rollergirls, got involved myself, and eventually started coaching. At an ARG bout one day, Tanya Hide tells me she's got some "players to introduce me to"... Next thing I know, she's walking me up to a bunch of dudes in purple shirts (not exactly what I was expecting). With a quick introduction, and a knowing wink, she was off. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Highlight of Your Career: My first time ever jamming was in a power jam at an Open Scrimmage held by ARG. For some reason, I agreed to put on the star and give it a shot. It took me almost the entire full 2 minutes to make it through the pack on my initial pass, but I eventually did, and was so excited I jumped with a fist in the air (ala Breakfast Club) and forgot to keep skating. The next thing I know, everyone is cheering, laughing, and screaming at me to keep going. Which I did, and ended up scoring a full 5 points before getting laid out and hearing the whistles.

Your Favorite Piece of Gear: My cup.

Hobbies: Roller Derby (Duh), Japanese sports cars, vintage motorcycles, and the ukulele

Most Embarrassing Derby Moment: Um... My first year on skates was nothing but embarrassing moments.

Derby Goals: To eventually play, and actually contribute, in a national MRDA tournament.