Height: 5’11” Weight: 195

Hometown: Columbus, GA

Prior Athletic Background: Speed skater from age 5-15, soccer, football, baseball and other random team sports growing up, and derby ref/coach for the last 4 seasons

How Did You Get Into Derby: Went with my wife to a Muscogee Roller Girls recruitment night and loved the people and loved the sport. Became a ref which lead into coaching which led to me getting beat up on the track by girls which led to me wanting to get beat up on the track by dudes.

Highlight of Your Career: Getting to play against and with my wife!

Your Favorite Piece of Gear: My helmet! I have enough self induced brain damage as it is!

Hobbies: Playing guitar and singing, songwriting, making MRG do pushups when they are goofing off at practice.

Most Embarrassing Derby Moment: I can’t recall. You remember the self induced brain damage I referred to?

Derby Goals: To be as bad-ass as Rhythm is in every position.