Height: 5'6"   Weight: 145 lbs

Hometown: North Charleston, SC

Prior Athletic Background: Wrestling, Soccer, long distance worming.

How Did You Get Into Derby: Tina Tourniquet invited me to a bout, made me fall in love with derby, and encouraged me to get involved. 

Highlight of Your Career: Getting on the track was a difficult first step, but an important one.  And the right one.
Your Favorite Piece of Gear: My wristguards.  I tend to land the wrong way, and they've saved me from breaking my wrist a few times in my young derby career.

Hobbies: Scuba diving, Cave diving, Flipcup, shooting the 'Hooch, playing flipcup on the 'Hooch (it can be done), Braves games on warm summer nights, Jacksonville Jaguars football.

Most Embarrassing Derby Moment: When I fall, it looks like the Elaine Benes dance at 4x speed.

Derby Goals: Get better every day.