Height: 5’9″   Weight:  185 lbs

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Prior Athletic Background:
Ice Hockey, Pro Roller Hockey, Steadicam Olympics

How Did You Get Into Derby:
I was looking for a new hobby and a way to get back into shape. I saw a flyer advertising Men’s Roller Derby, and I knew that it was something I should try.

Highlight of Your Career: 
Staying upright for ~60% of my first bout.

Your Favorite Piece of Gear: 
Everything except my helmet.  I’m a cerebral skater, and I prefer to use my head.

Buddhism, Vegan lifestyle, German language and culture, following the cast of Vampire Diaries around with a camera.

Most Embarrassing Derby Moment: 
My shorts got pulled down on a hit in scrimmage, revealing my Damon Salvatore tattoo.

Derby Goals:
Officially play a bout in 2015.  Transfer the derby “mindset” to non-derby situations.