Height: 5' 6"  Weight: 136

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Prior Athletic Background: Does video gaming count?

How Did You Get Into Derby: I became a rink rat in 2010 on an internship in Chicago during the winter in a town that had nothing except a skating rink.  I spent all of my time learning to skate, and 3 months later, a local roller girl in the Twin Cities in Minnesota saw me at a rink and told me to check out the Twin City Terrors.  But I was at the end of my internship and it wasn't until 4 months later that I was able to join a Men's Banked Track team in Houston in 2011.  I skated with them for 6 months, graduated college, and moved to South Carolina and joined the Carolina Wreckingballs on 8/1/12, and the rest is history!

Highlight of Your Career:  Jumping the Apex vs Your Mom, or Knowing the rules well enough to outsmart Tony Muse when he put me out of bounds, causing a miniature tantrum.  

Your Favorite Piece of Gear:  My skates

Hobbies: Roller skating, video gamer and collector, Magic the gathering, board games, piano, building computers.

Most Embarrassing Derby Moment: Calling it off in excitement immediately after getting lead versus Texas Outlaws in 2015.  

Derby Goals:  Right now, my main goal is to do what I can to help the Gents raise the average, and to focus on helping them win every damn jam. Long term, I would like to move to St. Louis to shoot for a roster spot on the Gatekeepers Travel Team and make it onto Team USA.